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Parliamentarians for the Global Goals Newsletter - June 2022

Dear Member of PfGG,

June has been quite intense here in the PfGG secretariat, with the People's Meeting in Denmark and the visit of a delegation from Uganda for a 4 weeks learning program about SDG implementation. You can read more about the program below.

What struck me the most was our discussions with the Ugandan delegation about impact. What is the impact of a network? Of bringing people together across boundaries for them to be able to share ideas and learn from each other. One of the Ugandan participants said it very well: 'Your impact is what we decide to go back and do'. And I guess that is also true for PfGG - the impact of this network is how you all take the learnings and benefits from our conversations and webinars and translate into action in your parliaments.

Our challenge is how to measure that impact. We try to keep track, but we are always keen to hear from you about the progress you are making and what you might need from us to be able to accelerate and scale your work. So please share your news with us - also for us to continuously update out new Toolkit, which we are proud to present in this newsletter as well.

As the summer break is getting close here at the PfGG secretariat, we will be back with more news at the end of August. We wish you all a nice summer.

Kind regards,

Kirsten Brosbøl

Founder, PfGG


PfGG News

Launch of PfGG Tool-kit for Parliamentarians

We are proud to present our new toolkit for parliamentarians on Good Practices to Align policy with the SDGs. This includes a Step-by-Step Guide to SDG Implementation in Parliaments and further elaborations on good practice in the areas of legislation, accountability and representation. The good practices include how to link the SDGs to the budget and integrate them into the budget planning and control process with an example from Egypt, as well as how to develop a screening mechanism to identify the impact of legislation on the SDGs with examples from Costa Rica and Denmark. You can find the toolkit here. We look forward to hearing more about your experiences and your feedback - we will be updating the toolkit on an ongoing basis and sharing it with our new members.


People's Meeting "Folkemødet" on Bornholm

From June 16-18, we hosted the SDG platform at the Danish People's Meeting - an annual democracy festival in the island of Bornholm. We had 37 events inside our main tent, 20 pop-up events in the square, a dialogue zone, a sustainable food corner, and a showcasing of a sustainable studio home. We also received 30 SDG champions from Uganda and Kenya, who participated in our events and shared their perspectives and ideas for a sustainable future. During the People's Meeting, we had many interesting events, including challenges with democracy, the situation in Ukraine and its impact on the SDGs, methods to implement the 2030 Agenda, and approaches to strengthen democracy.

You can find highlights from the People's Meeting on our social media.


Ugandan SDG champions in Denmark

23 Ugandan SDG champions spent four weeks in Denmark on a learning programme, which was organised by Danida Fellowship Center, INKA Consult and 2030beyond. We provided input through different workshops and visits, including a visit to the Parliament to discuss with MP and PfGG member Mette Gjerskov. This learning program aimed to empower these SDG leaders to accellerate their work on the SDGs and to link their work directly to the specific goals. As a team, they worked on developing a Joint Initiative which will be the co-creation of an SDG festival in Uganda in March 2023. We are so excited to see this initiative unfold and look forward to visiting the SDG Festival in Uganda next year!


SDSN Report 2022

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network published the Sustainable Development Report 2022 under the title "From Crisis to Sustainable Development: the SDGs as Roadmap to 2030 and Beyond". In the 2022 report, SDSN covered 13 countries more than in the previous report and analysed a total of 60 countries. In section 3.1 on Political leadership, the national government's effort to implement the SDGs and the integration of the SDGs into key policy processes beyond others is analysed. Check out the status of your country in the full report here.

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