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Build the future 

The building sector significantly impacts the climate, accounting for nearly 40% of global CO2 emissions through construction, operation, and demolition activities. This considerable carbon footprint stems from the extensive use of non-renewable materials, high energy consumption, and inefficient designs. Transforming the way we build is crucial for mitigating climate change.


Embracing sustainable and local materials reduces transportation emissions and supports regional economies. Designing for universal access ensures inclusivity, while optimizing for energy efficiency decreases the long-term environmental impact of buildings.

2030beyond collaborates with vocational schools to equip young construction students with sustainable skills. Students receive tools to professionally promote sustainable development and enhance their professional confidence. Through their participation at Verdensmålenes Plads at the Danish People’s Meeting (link), Ungdommens Folkemøde (the youth people’s meeting) and Grøn Koncert, we provide the students with a platform to engage in democratic dialogue with decision makers and other participants. 


Through the project, students participate in workshops with relevant knowledge partners and inspiring role models from startup companies with expertise in sustainability, embedding learning about the SDGs, sustainable construction and design methods, and circularity as a practical and central part of their education. The students collaborate, build, and showcase construction projects, as well as develop and host events at the public events, where they gain democratic confidence and professional pride.

This project is supported by Tuborgfondet and Bevica Legater,

Implementing partners: ZBC Slagelse, FGU Midt & Østsjælland, Catapult Projects, SUMH, DTU Skylab, Ungdomsbureauet and Muskelsvindfonden. 



Project partners:

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