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We have collected tools and case studies to provide inspiration for implementing the
2030 Agenda in parliamentary work.

Tool Kit for parliamentarians

Tool kit

We have gathered best practices for implementing the 2030 Agenda in parliaments with examples from around the world. The tool kit includes how to get started, a list of best practices and examples, and further readings and resources. You can find it here.

Make Global Goals Our Goals, Denmark

Case Study

The Danish 'Our Goals' project translated the UN SDGs to the Danish context. The project looked at Denmark’s ambitions and expectations for the future, based on the insights from various stakeholders from across society, to generate Danish Indicators. These Danish Indicators are therefore fully aligned with and relevant to the Danish culture, and provide a framework for monitoring the progress of the goals within the Danish National Action Plan.


Find and download the report by Statistics Denmark & 2030-Panelet (November 2020) here in English:

The Human Rights Guide to the Sustainable Development Goals, Denmark


This database was generated by the Danish Human Rights Institute and links the SDGs to existing international policy instruments in an extensive recommendation retriever.  It is developed as a framework for harnessing existing recommendations and developing indicators for tracking progress on Human Rights.

You can find recommendations and best practices regarding the generation and use of data, including the need for wide participation in the data collection process, especially by the marginalised, data disaggregation to prevent discrimination, but also transparency, privacy and accountability in data collection and use in the context of this framework in this expert webinar recording. 

Find the database tool by the Danish Institute for Human Rights here in English:

Terms of Reference

Case Study

We have collected terms of reference from different SDG All-party Parliamentary Group/Caucus to get inspired by.

Danmark: the Danish Parliament's All Party Coalition for the Sustainable Development Goals - The 2030-Network.

The European Union: SDG Alliance - MEP for Agenda 2030.

Ireland: Monitors and oversees the progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, as mandated by Standing Order 100(4).

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