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Parliamentarians for the Global Goals Newsletter - March 2022

Dear Member of PfGG,

The month of March has been very much focused on our engagement in the People Dialogue Festival in Nairobi, Kenya (see below). It was truly inspiring to finally be able to travel and meet with peers and partners again. And in the light of the recent international development with the Russian aggression in Ukraine, it was reassuring to see that cross-sectoral and cross-cultural dialogue on sustainable development IS possible and is desperately needed to build understanding and partnerships for a better world.

Sadly, the Russian aggression in Ukraine will affect our ability to achieve the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda in many ways. Of course urgently for the people directly affected by the war, but also people around the world will be affected by global food and energy supply. It is critical that we do not reverse the green transition, but insist that it is the only way forward, also in a security perspective.

I know that many of you, Members of Parliament, are struggling with these difficult priorities right now. I wish you all strength in keeping the SDGs high on the agenda in these challenging times.

Kind regards,

Kirsten Brosbøl

Founder, PfGG


PfGG News

The People Dialogue Festival in Kenya

The fourth People Dialogue Festival in Kenya, organized by Center for Multiparty Democracy, Kenya, took place March 9-11, 2022. The festival engages political parties, civil society, academia, business community etc in a three-day event, focused on democratic dialogue. This year, 2030beyond and PfGG have supported the establishment of an 'SDG Village' at the festival. It was a great pleasure to see the many events and partnerships around the SDGs unfold. We met with several PfGG members and expanded our collaboration. We also co-hosted a number of events with ministers from both Kenya and Denmark, with legislators and representatives from civil society, youth and media. We are now planning for a similar project in Uganda, first step being a Ugandan delegation to the Danish People's Meeting in June, 2022. If you in your parliament would like to be inspired by the People's Meeting model to host a similar event in your country, don't hesitate to reach out.


Female Representation in Parliament

In the light of the International Women’s Day celebrated on the 8th of March, it is worth noting that we are still far away from reaching gender parity and real representation in most parliaments. Within the elections of 2021 in 48 countries, 28.6 per cent of the new seats were won by female candidates, which is a cumulative improvement of 2.1 percentage points in comparison to previous elections, states IPU in their recent article. Nevertheless, there are strong differences between different regions of the world. While within the Americas region 39.1 per cent of elected or nominated MPs were female, the representation of female in the MENA region fell by 3.7 per cent to 18.6 per cent. #SDG5


Lessons learned: Sustainable Development Strategy

The German Sustainable Development Strategy consists of 74 key indicators which are reflecting the status of sustainable development. The process started in 2002 with the National Sustainable Development Strategy. A reflection after 20 years showed among others, recommendations and the lessons learned throughout the process such as the importance of crossministerial exchange structures and committees on the purpose of the SDGs. This listing of lessons learned can be valuable for other countries when working on and voting about strategies. Read the report from the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)


Upcoming PfGG Events

SDG Chairs Forum Wednesday

27th of April 2022 08:00 ET – 14:00 CET – 17:30 IST – 20:00 HKT

Second meeting for Chairs of SDG caucuses/ All-party Groups.

Join our Roundtable and connect with peers, find synergies and set up collaboration streams across borders.

People’s Meeting 'Folkemødet' in Denmark

Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th of June 2022

The annual Danish democracy festival - we will host a number of PfGG events on-site on the island of Bornholm.

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