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Youth Engagement 

The world currently has the largest generation of children and young people ever, representing a tremendous resource for driving sustainable and lasting change. Globally, young activists are at the forefront of the fight for equality, democracy, human rights, and climate action. They rightly expect to be included and heard, insisting to take active part in policy and decision making processes under the slogan “nothing about us without us”.

A key priority for 2030 beyond is to amplify the voices of young people and connect them with today's decision-makers to ensure they are heard. Initiatives to achieve the SDGs should involve youth as active participants, treating them as equal citizens in decision-making processes and actions shaping their communities and future.


Read more about our youth engagement activities:



Danida Fellowship

SDG Learning program for youth sounding board members from Global South



Culinary students participate in Danish and Kenyan democracy festivals 


Build the future

Vocational students learn to build the future with SDGs

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