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Parliamentarians for the Global Goals Newsletter - April 2022

Dear Member of PfGG,

We continue to welcome new members of the PfGG network, latest from New Zealand. We are happy to expand the network, so please do recommend to your colleagues to join.

We are currently gathering information about best practices for screening legislation up against the SDG framework. This is an important tool for parliamentarians in order to prioritize resources in support of the SDGs. If you have insights into best practices with screening models, please reach out to PfGG secretariat on

Kind regards,

Kirsten Brosbøl

Founder, PfGG


PfGG News

Second Meeting of the SDG Chairs Forum

On April 27, Parliamentarians for the Global Goals convened the Chairs of All-Party groups/Caucus for the SDGs to the second meeting in the SDG Chairs Forum. The chairs shared valuable input from their work on the SDGs, as well as current challenges they see when working for the SDGs. The Chairs all see an urgent need to bring the SDGs on the agenda in the light of the current geo-political situation, where many governments cut funding and support for projects and actions on the SDGs. The chairs also discussed best practices for screening of legislation up against the SDG framework. The experience with successful models is limited and there is a need to gather more knowledge in this field.

We look forward to the next SDG Chairs Forum on the 26th of October at 2 pm CET.


Working Towards Constructive Politics

PfGG is working with Constructive Institute, University of Aarhus, and Friends of Europe to develop a new model for Constructive Politics inspired by the movement within Constructive Journalism. We met with the Speaker of the Danish Parliament Henrik Dam Kristensen and Vice-Speaker Karen Ellemann, discuss the current state of democracy and to find possible ways to support MPs to develop their skills to counter the current negative spiral and increasing polarisation in the political sphere. This is key if we want politicians who are fit for purpose to deliver on the SDGs. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to Kirsten Brosbol at


The Global Impact on the SDGs in Times of War

With the world economy already affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change, the war in Ukraine has been estimated by UNCTAD will cause further disruption to food, energy, and financial markets. The war has already impacted Ukraine’s achievement of the SDGs, but the war will also impact globally. Both Ukraine and Russia contribute a large amount of the world’s food production. A rapport by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization found that food prices, crude oil prices, gas, and fertiliser prices have risen to high levels, affecting particularly vulnerable groups in developing countries. Read the full report


Parliamentarian in Focus

Rohani Abdul Karim is an elected Member of Parliament in the Malaysian house of representatives, former Federal Minister of Women, Family and Community Development, and the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group of Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG).

Hon. Rohani Abdul Karim is an active member of PfGG. The Malaysian APPG has used a bottom-up approach to introduce the 2030 Agenda in the parliament. The parliamentarians act as champions of the SDGs in their respective constituencies, where they have managed to build support. The APPG has received funding from the ministry of finance to invest in community projects related to SDGs.

Ms. Rohani values being part of the PfGG network, she says, "for tackling these SDG issues we have to do a lot of cooperation and partnerships, we can not be on our own. [...] When we are talking, it refreshes me." This network demonstrates that every country has its challenges with achieving the SDGs, and there is still a lot to be learned. Ms. Rohani believes that we can implement the SDGs by working together: “Sharing makes us see that we are in this together”.


Upcoming PfGG Events

People’s Meeting 'Folkemødet' in Denmark

June 16-18, 2022

The annual Danish democracy festival - we will host a number of PfGG events on-site.

SDG Chairs Forum

October 26, 2022, 2 pm CET.

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