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A do-tank for the 2030 Agenda

Accelerating action for the Sustainable Development Goals

2030beyond is a non-profit do-tank for the 2030 Agenda. We accellerate action to transform the Global Goals into local action through partnerships and thriving democracies.

We connect parliamentarians in a global network of Parliamentarians for the Global Goals as a platform to share best practices and ideas on SDG implementation. We support their efforts to build cross-party collaboration, multi-stakeholder involvement and civic engagement.

We convene SDG Festivals, a multi-day event to reinforce civic engagement with local change agents from all levels of society. A safe and open platform where local, regional and global change agents from all levels of society can meet with the purpose of developing tangible, inclusive and locally sustainable action for SDGs.

We work beyond borders, beyond sectors, beyond political, professional and cultural divides. We are 2030beyond.

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Civic engagement



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