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Interviews with Parliamentarians


Every day, our members work to accelerate SDG action in their parliaments around the world. Here, we have collected testimonies and good practices from them. Read along and get inspired to accelerate your own work!


Interview with Honorary Lord Jack McConnell, UK Parliament, member of House of Lords

Hon. Lord Jack McConnell, UK

Incorporating SDGs into Parliamentary Work

Members of the UK APPG on SDGs actively intergate sustainable development principles into parliamentary debates, speeches and question sessions. They leverage insights gleaned from group meetings, briefings, and engagements with various stakeholders to inform legislative discussion and advocate for policy changes aligned with the SDGs.



Terms of Reference

Case Study

We have collected terms of reference from different SDG All-party Parliamentary Group/Caucus to get inspired by.

Danmark: the Danish Parliament's All Party Coalition for the Sustainable Development Goals - The 2030-Network.

The European Union: SDG Alliance - MEP for Agenda 2030.

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