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Not on track 

to reach the 2030 Agenda

Covid and war

Set-back on all SDGs

Decrease in trust

and shrinking civic space

Sustainability crisis

Since 2020, the world is no longer making progress on the SDGs.

Halfway to 2030, policy efforts and commitments supporting the SDGs are lacking behind.

Covid and war has set us back to the starting point.

Democratic crisis 

Close to 50 pct of people worldwide do not trust their government. This disconnect leads to a legitimacy crisis, which slows down

SDG-action. Implementation of the 2030 Agenda is too often a government exercise alone, and legislators, civil society and private sector are de-coupled from the efforts of reaching the 2030 Agenda. Simultaneously, there is a growing pressure on key freedoms, such as freedom of assembly, association and expression.

Civic space is shrinking.


Our Unique SDG 17 Approach

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