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Interview with Lord Jack McConnell, UK

Chair of All-Party Parliamentary Group UK since 2015. Member of the UK House of Lords. In the Newsletter, we spotlight members of PfGG who are championing SDGs in their parliaments, showcasing their achievements, sharing their strategies on the implementation of SDGs in their parliament and community. This time, we spotlight  Lord Jack McConnell, member of the UK House of Lords. 

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About the All-Party Parliamentary Group UK on SDG

Since its inception in September 2015, the All-Party Parliamentary Group UK on SDGs has grown to include over 130 members of parliament (MPs), within the UK Parliament. To be recognized as an All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) in the UK Parliament, a group must convene at least five members at an annual meeting, representing more than one political party. These groups are important for fostering cross-party collaboration and advancing common goals.


The APPG UK on SDGs convenes four to five times a year, where the members engage in robust discussions, exchange ideas, and strategize on SDG implementation. Since 2019, the group has also organized an annual business and SDGs conference, signaling a growing recognition of the importance of embedding SDGs in long-term business planning.

With a diverse membership spanning across different political parties, the APPG UK on SDGs embodies the spirit of bipartisan cooperation in driving SDG initiatives forward. Lord Jack McConnell is the founder and has been a consistent co-chair of the group since its establishment, reflecting his commitment to advancing the SDGs agenda.

Incorporating SDGs into Parliamentary Work

Members of the APPG UK on SDGs actively integrate SDG principles into parliamentary debates, speeches, and questioning sessions. They leverage insights gleaned from group meetings, briefings, and engagements with various stakeholders to inform legislative discussions and advocate for policy changes aligned with the SDGs.

While the group may not directly initiate legislation, its members play pivotal roles in shaping legislative frameworks that reflect SDG priorities. For instance, members have been instrumental in advocating for the allocation of 0.7% of gross national income to development aid, a commitment enshrined in law. Additionally, the group exerts pressure on the government to uphold its commitments to the SDGs, holding it accountable for its actions and policies. 

The UK APPG The has notably concentrated its efforts on promoting gender equality, educational advancement, and the realization of SDG 16, which emphasizes Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. Under the stewardship of Lord Jack McConnell, the APPG has placed a heightened emphasis on inclusive and equitable quality education, underlining its pivotal role in the pursuit of sustainable development.

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