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SDG Festivals

We facilitate the convening of a national forum for civicengagement in SDG implementation; A three day public festival with debates, workshops, masterclasses, cultural events and exposition of solutions for the 2030 Agenda.

SDG Festivals

Building on our experience with creating the SDG platform at Scandinavia’s largest democratic people’s festival ‘Folkemødet’ at Bornholm, Denmark, we facilitate the convening and co-creation of ‘SDG Festivals’. As a platform for civic engagement with local pioneers from all levels of society - state, civil society and the private sector. The main features of the 3-day public festival model are:



Debates organised by cross-sector partnerships involving festival participants


Workshops and exposition of sustainable and innovative solutions to local and global challenges


 Interactive art collecting ideas for sustainable action


Cultural and sports events bringing together VIPs and festival participants in informal ways to foster dialogue and unify across divides

Watch the videos from the Danish People's Meeting SDG Platform:

SDG Platform 2019

SDG Platform 2021


2022 People's Dialogue Platform in Kenya:

2030 People's Festivals
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